Traci & Jason 2014 Wedding

I fell in love with the way Traci and Jason wedding photo’s were captured by Fritz Photography. The sky above the hay fields looked so striking against the white puffy clouds. The accent color of purple just popped out of the screen at me and drew my eye to the variety of other colors that stood out in contrast. I asked Bill Fritz if he enhanced the colors in some way or was that what he saw through his camera lens. This was his response;

Thank you for your kind compliments!
It was a very hot and bright sunny day.  Most cameras would not be able to capture the sky so vividly as it is in these pictures.  In fact, my camera can’t capture it normally either.  So what I did was exposed my camera for the sky and used Three big studio lights powered by portable battery packs to light the subjects (bride, groom, and bridal party, etc)  It sounds complicated but it in other words, I used flash haha.

I would say Bill used his imagination and his considerable knowledge in how to use light to  capture the beauty and essence of not only the couple and bridal party but the park itself.