Scott & Mirjana 2016 Wedding & Testimonial

On a cold day in February, actually 36 degrees is not so bad, I received a call from Scott requesting information on having a wedding in May. Whaaat???? May did you say? Why that’s only 3 months away, was my inane reply. Scott assured me that yes indeed he knew he had 3 months to plan and get everything together and that he had it covered. His bride, Mirjana and her family, as it turns out are from Russia and Scott was trying his hardest to create a wedding that he hoped his bride would love.

Scott chose a caterer from our preferred caterer’s list; Gallucci’s. I have had Tony’s food and it is that good home style “comfort” food, the type you would get from your Italian mother’s table. That is not to say Italian is the only type of cuisine Tony offers, he has a range of dishes that will satisfy any palate.

The Friday before the wedding rolled around and Scott was tasked to pick up his bride at the airport and then bring her to the Mansion to help finalize the set up and decorating. Unfortunately with New York traffic the couple was delayed by a couple of hours getting back to the Mansion. Our Executive Director, Becky Petro (I had to pick my daughter up from college that day) was gracious enough to stay past office hours to ensure Scott and Mirjana were able to finish up the last minute details. As a side note, if you have booked your event on a Saturday and two weeks prior we find that the Friday before is available we offer a boon; the chance to set up and decorate during office hours at no cost.

The day of the wedding turned our rainy so any plans for an outdoor ceremony were quickly changed to indoor in our beautiful conservatory/drawing room. Photography for Scott and Mirjana was done by John Munno Photography, John has graciously allowed me to post his photo’s online so you can see what a great time this happy couple had.

Most of all I would like to thank Scott for choosing Tarrywile Mansion as the venue for their wedding celebration. I wish you both joy in each other and in your marriage for many years to come.

Please continue reading to see what Scott and Mirjana had to say about their experience with Tarrywile Mansion.

My wife and I had our wedding here on May 7th. We enjoyed using the mansion and personalizing it to reflect our love for each other and the interests that built the foundation of our relationship. The hospitality that the mansion staff provided was excellent. They also provided a great caterer that knew their way around the mansion and grounds. The staff gave us flexibility to choose a photographer and DJ that provided services above our expectations as well. Overall, our guest had a terrific and memorable time. We will definitely recommend this venue to anyone looking to think outside for their wedding planning.

~Scott & Mirjana