Samantha & Chad 2014 Wedding

Another lovely bride and mother to work with, Samantha and her mother Megin took care of everything on time, I didn’t have to ask twice. Megin’s band of merry ladies came the day before the wedding and cleaned the Mansion from top to bottom (even though we had the professional cleaning team beforehand). These ladies brought back to life the slate tiles surrounding the conservatory, they polished all of our silk plants inside and out. Samantha was one of a few brides that took advantage of our weekday rental fees which ended up saving her a bunch of money, and also allowed me to see the proceedings from my office. When the event was over I was not worried that they would leave the Mansion a mess because Megin seemed horrified with the idea that they leave the property anything less than spotless. Gotta love this crew! Their caterer was New Fairfield Food Center with photography by Janet Kuzma