Robert & Diane 2013 Wedding

I loved this couple from the minute I saw their wedding photo’s from Sassy Mouth Photography

The color of Diane’s shawl catches the eye and enhances her wedding glow. Robert looked handsome in his color coordinated tie and lapel flower. The couple had that casual chic about them that brought out my inner romantic heart. I have the say the groom was pretty patient through out the entire photo process since Marissa (Sassy Mouth herself) was putting them through the paces making the most of Tarrywile Mansion‘s photo op locations.

When I started redesigning our 2014 Brochure I searched through the photo’s we had on file from the many weddings held at Tarrywile and came across these two. I couldn’t resist having them showcased on our front cover in the classic sweeping kiss pose right in front of the Mansion. Then add in the raspberry color, the sweet smiles and classic wedding dress and I had to include them as one of the spotlight weddings in our major advertising brochure.

I want to thank Marissa for giving us the right to use her photos in advertising campaign. Enjoy some fine examples of what your wedding could be like if you decide on Tarrywile Mansion as your venue.


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