Matt & Charlene 2015 Wedding & Testimonial

When Charlene and Matt walked through my office door for a tour of the Mansion, the first item established was that Matt wanted Charlene to be happy and he was going to make sure she was. They both fell in love with the Mansion after I took them on a tour and promptly booked it for their wedding which was still a year out. Charlene and Matt had been together for quite awhile and Matt thought it was time to make it official, Charlene was understandably a little reticent in wanting to plan the wedding due to the minefield that would be called her relatives. The only way to avoid dissension in Matts words was to either “have a very small private affair or do a huge blowout and invite everyone.” Charlene, understandably wanted her family around without the 3 ring circus atmosphere of a huge affair so they took the road traveled by many of us future brides and started hacking away at the guest list.

I was a witness to some of their discussion and I seem to recall hearing something about “if you plan it then you can get a bouncy house”. Hmmm, an interesting bargain to be sure. In the end the bouncy house was not on the list and Matt and Charlene proved to be one of my most “respectful of the Mansion” clients I have ever had. All through the planning and execution, Matt was always polite, responsive to my communications and single minded in making Charlene happy.

The Friday before the wedding the bride and groom came for an early set up and decorate session since the Mansion did not have an event booked. They brought an entire crew, including the mom’s to help out, in a caravan of cars. I could see them from my office window busily unloading trunk after trunk, making multiple trips in and out of the kitchen. I have to say the crew set up and decorated in good time with the occasional visit from the groom to ask questions or comment about what hard work it was setting everything up themselves. On one of these visits, I invited Matt to take a break and asked him when they were leaving for their honeymoon and when they were going. His response was that there was a story behind it and would I like to hear it? Of course I said YES, being the curious creature that I am.

So please bear with me, I want to get this right because it was sooooo romantic and loving;

I asked Matt where and when they were going on their honeymoon and he replied; “Well there’s a story behind our choice of honeymoon destinations, would you like to hear it?” “ABSOLUTELY!” I replied. So Matt went on to explain, “Charlene and I have been together for quite awhile and we got to talking one day and she told me she had never been to Disney World, I was flabbergasted! She told me she has always wanted to go but was unable to as a child so that got me thinking.” I have to say that I knew how she felt, I did not get to Disney either until I was old enough to pay for it myself. I could see the light go on behind Matts eyes as he starting talking about how much he wanted to make Charlene happy (insert a *sigh* here if you are a romantic at heart). “We were not engaged at this point but we had been talking about it,” Matt said, “so we planned a vacation to Disney in the fall and I just happened to throw out there that maybe over the next couple of months we should start ring shopping. I didn’t realize at the time that she would tell EVERYONE that I was going to propose to her while they were in Disney. Actually, I had it planned that way but I wanted it to be a surprise. I had it all planned out that I would propose in front of the “Beauty and the Beast” castle, because, you know, she’s the beauty…” I started laughing at this point thinking “the best laid plans…” So he ended up telling her that he had not planned to propose on vacation, “I only said we could start shopping for the ring” at which point Charlene is not only disappointed but furious, (ladies can you relate?).

In the end Matt brought her back to their hotel room and did it right. He got down on one knee and asked Charlene if she would agree to be his wife. As you have already guessed, she said “yes”, and here we are at the end of my story but certainly not theirs. You, my readers are permitted to roll your eyes after you read my last remark; so off they went on their honeymoon to Disney World and they lived “happily ever after”!

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Two days ago I married the best person I know at Tarrywile mansion. The staff was extremely helpful and organized. They answered all 9 million of our questions and were always quick to respond to an email. If you are looking for a blank canvass venue it’s really a beautiful option. Charlene and I thank you so much.