Marissa & Kevin 2013 Wedding

I first met Marissa and Kevin and Marissa’s mom when they came for initial their tour of the Mansion about a year before their wedding date. They looked so sweet together and were thrilled with the idea of having their wedding in a historic Mansion. As the time progressed and the 60 day prior mark came when all the major forms and decisions must be turned into me I found it increasingly harder to get in touch with the bride. One day after a few attempted phone calls I found Marissa’s mom sitting in front of my desk now tasked with the job of planning and executing the wedding. As with many of my brides the work/school schedule there was not enough time in the day for wedding planning. I must say Gale jumped in with both feet, brought Walsh Catering on board as well as Quinnell Photographic Studios and managed to pull it all together with flair.