Lisa & Dan 2012 Wedding

Sunflowers, Royal Blue and White Lace make up this beautiful fall wedding for Lisa & Dan. I happen to be partial to royal blue since my wedding party 20 plus years ago were dressed in royal blue velvet tea length dresses (very fashionable at that time). This is one of the few couples who took advantage of our elegant wrap around veranda to have their wedding ceremony on. The veranda is large enough to seat 100 guests for your ceremony if you happen to have inclement weather or just want your guests to be completely covered.

Lisa’s wedding gown is proudly displayed in front of the windows in our Brides Room, quietly awaiting the time when the bride steps into it and begins the next chapter of her life. I love to see our wedding parties taking advantage of the Brides Room to get ready for the celebration. They are abuzz with laughter and high spirits while across the hall in the Groom’s Room the men are trying to cover their nervousness while waiting for their cue.

Tim Nosenzo their photographer really captured that it is possible to use our main foyer as the dance floor with a large crowd and have a lot of fun in the process. If you love romance, history and a feel of being in a beautiful home then Tarrywile Mansion is the perfect venue for you.