Dan & Alex 2013 Wedding & Testimony

Dan & Alex were my beautiful California  couple. My first contact with Dan consisted of “you’re calling from where?” “Yes, I’m in California and yes it is sunny” was his response. When I asked why he chose Tarrywile it was because of the romance surrounding the Mansion, also that they could use a relative for catering and tent rental and most of all because it was a central point for family and friends. I find a good number of my couples choose Tarrywile Mansion as their venue because we are a centralized location for families coming from New England, New York, New Jersey and the Carolina’s.

I found Dan to be very easy to work with, polite, friendly, funny and even forgiving when I would forget about the time difference and accidentally call him at 9:00 am EST and not realize that it would be 5:00 am PST. I have to admit that it took me at least two phone calls before I would stop and calculate the time difference. I will make sure I note the time difference in my files the next time I have a time zone jumping couple.

I was also happy that their wedding was scheduled for a Friday, this gave me a chance to see the couple and the wedding party before I left the office at 3:30 pm. Most of the events at the Mansion are scheduled for weekends and I am only allowed to work during the week so I count on the brides to send me photo’s from the wedding and the reception to see how it all went. As you see from the photo’s I posted everything went exceptionally well, the groom was charming and happy and the bride was radiant.

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Last Saturday, September 28th, I married the most beautiful woman and my best friend at Tarrywile Mansion. We had the most amazing time and wanted to thank the staff of Tarrywile, for allowing us the use of the Mansion for our wedding. Every guest could not get over how beautiful the grounds were, and how unique the choice of venue was for our special day. We had an amazing day thanks to the staff, and would like to give special thanks to Becky, Anne-Marie, and Sammy. Thank you all again!

Love, Amy & Dan

Wedding date: 9/28/13