Caitlin & Sean 2013 Wedding

Caitlin & Sean began their journey with us touring through the Mansion and then deciding that we would be a perfect fit for their wedding ceremony and reception venue. Our procedure is to have the couple sign the contract and submit half of the rental fee, at the sixty day mark is when the remainder of the rental fee is required as well as all the other information concerning your day. It is also the point where the bride will start to receive gentle reminders that I need to know who will catering your event, who will be supplying the entertainment, flowers, alcohol, photographer, whether you are having a full sit down, buffet, cocktail reception. I will also need to know if you are having the ceremony inside or outside in our grape arbor, how many guests will be coming, what time you will start and end the event among other small and large details.

So, I start my reminders and wait for a response, and wait, and wait…then all of a sudden I start getting return phone calls from the mother of the bride. My poor bride was in the process of so many major life changes that she did not have time to plan the wedding and her mom decided to step in.

Well, mom hadn’t planned a wedding in quite awhile and was a little nervous at the beginning. As she got into the groove she managed to pull it all together using; Aquarian Caterers with Pam Buchler, Wagner Photographer and other vendors. In the end mom did a wonderful job and said goodbye to be with a huge smile on her face and a spring in her step. 


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