Our lovely sweeping veranda which overlooks our manicured lawns and flower gardens is used for various purposes during Mansion events. The most popular use is for cocktail hour; when the ceremony is over and the bride and groom go off to take their gazillion wedding photo’s, what do you do with all your guests? You send them over to the veranda for cocktail hour where they will find high and low boy tables, scattering of seating (rented by bride/groom or parents of bride/groom who are footing the bill)for the guests that need to take a load off (set up by their preferred catering team), decorated in linens (chosen by the bride/bride’s mom from said rental company) reflecting the theme of the wedding. Your guests might find the veranda decorated with paper lanterns, hanging baskets of flowers or delicate little twinkle lights (strung and purchased by bride/groom) leading the way to a bountiful crudites table, smartly dressed, smiling wait staff strolling around offering hot and cold hors d’oeuvres, or directing you to the bar in the far corner where you will find libations of the alcoholic and non alcoholic varieties. You might also find a small one to three person orchestra playing softly (since there is no amplified music allowed on the veranda; have to keep the neighbors happy) while you mingle with the other guests and connect with people you only see at weddings and other less joyful occasions.

The second place use for the veranda is as a seating area for your dinner guests. If you pictured your wedding to have an outdoor feel to it, this is the perfect spot to seat your guests and extend your decorating theme from inside the Mansion to the outside as well. While they are dining they will be over looking our manicured lawns and flower gardens, feeling the nice breeze, and soaking in the sights and sounds of nature while being completely covered thus avoiding rain, insects or any other item that might float down while eating. The capacity for dining on the veranda is up to fifty guests (dining tables and chairs for veranda seating supplied by the Mansion as part of your rental).

The third alternative use for the veranda is for your wedding ceremony. This option is for brides who want their ceremony covered but still holding the out door feel to it, or for those VERY RARE 😉 occasions when it rains on your wedding day. Every one of our Preferred Caterer’s staff is well trained in the good weather/bad weather scenario. The caterer will keep a watchful eye on the weather and work with you to decide if it warrants moving the ceremony from outside to on the veranda, and this switch is done without you even noticing. The veranda can hold up to 100 seats for your ceremony, the bride has the choice of where the ceremony will be held, under the lighting sconces or with the backdrop being our lovely scenery. In either case it’s reassuring to know there is an alternate location if the skies suddenly open up and rain on your “parade”.

Any way you choose to use it, our veranda is a beautiful addition to any wedding plan.